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Prometheus Exporters

These are the Prometheus Exporters available at

  1. Blackbox Exporter
  2. SSL/TLS Exporter
  3. Qualsys SSL Labs Exporter
  4. Google Lighthouse Exporter

Blackbox Exporter

Use the Blackbox Exporter for availability checks of HTTP endpoints or general ping requests.

Blackbox Exporter Configuration

SSL/TLS Exporter

Use the SSL Exporter for in-depth checks of SSL/TLS certificates and certificate chains as well as OCSP stapling requirements.

SSL Exporter Configuration

Qualsys SSL Labs Exporter

Coming soon

Use the Qualsys SSL Labs Exporter to acquire a grade for your TLS setup. The exporter utilizes the Qualsys SSLLabs Server Test API.

Google Lighthouse Exporter

Coming soon

Use the Google Lighthouse Exporter to check your website for performance aspects and SEO accessibility.

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