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Account limits

Each account plan is tied to a maximum number of check requests per minute.

Account limits in place

plan requests per minute
free 5 rpm
basic 30 rpm
enterprise 1000 rpm

💡 Only requests executing remote checks are accounted for api request limits. Retrieving current configuration does not account on to your api request limit.

Analyzing problems

Prometheus talks to the api via HTTP rest calls. These are easy to debug. These are some of the common return codes you can expect.

401 Unauthorized

You either supplied a invalid api token or your api token expired. Creating a new api token invalidates your old api token.

403 Forbidden

You have requested a location not included in your plan.

429 Too Many Requests

You ran out of requests included in your plan. Every plan includes the request limits towards the api as denoted above. The number of requests is enforced per minute and may include some extra bursts.

The api add the follwing HTTP response headers to debug your request limit and plan:

header example purpose
x-ratelimit-remaining 4  The remaining requests during the current minute.
x-ratelimit-configuration BASIC plan with 30 rpm  A human readable definition of your current rate limit.

These are two example curl calls to reproduce a 429 Too Many Requests error code from the api. This example works fine and returns a 200 OK status code along with said debug response headers.

$ curl -vH "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN" \
< HTTP/2 200
< x-ratelimit-remaining: 4
< x-ratelimit-configuration: BASIC plan with 30 rpm

After repeating the above request a couple of times (> 30) during a short time period, the API will return a 429 Too Many Requests return code alon with the following header values.

< HTTP/2 429
< x-ratelimit-remaining: 0
< x-ratelimit-configuration: BASIC plan with 30 rpm